New Keum boo work in progress

We have been busy in the workshop making our new range of jewellery. Our Keum boo range will soon be ready to add to our website and then it will be put on show in our outlets.  Keum boo is the ancient Korean technique of fusing onto silver. It has taken us a few years to develop an understanding of the technique and to evolve our jewellery ideas to a point where we are really pleased with the outcome. The jewellery can be quite dramatic when oxidised, the black against the gold looks stunning but we also like the polished versions, as the different stamps that we imprint on the jewellery, are more noticeable. It is a technique that we both really enjoy using.

UNfinished Keum Boo work by J & D Field.
Our new Keum Boo range, work in progress.
J & D Field's unfinished oxidised silver & 24ct gold jewellery.
Oxidised Keum Boo jewellery, work in progress.
J & D Field's Keum Boo jewellery
Newly finished Keum Boo jewellery

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