Our Keum Boo Little Owls now have a new friend, please say hello to our new Long Legged birds.

Long Legged Birds
Keum Boo Long Legged Birds with feather tufts
Our Keum Boo Long Legged Birds
Our Keum Boo Long Legged Birds with crowns

We thought that our little owls looked a bit lonely, so here are some new friends.

First the idea for the bird design was roughly sketched on paper.  The challenge was to then use the punches that we have been using on our other Keum Boo jewellery, in a creative way.  Instead of using the punches for their individual mark making, we had to combine them, with the overall effect of making a figurative image. The punches that we have available dictate how the image finally looks and these limitations have to be remembered when making the initial sketches. John says that this jewellery reminds him of folk art. We love the naive look that they have.

We think that we will have to produce more Keum Boo creatures, we quite like the idea of having our own menagerie. Watch this space!

Jewellery sketches by J&D Field
Work in progress. Initial sketches for the Long Legged Bird earrings.
Long legged bird earrings sketch
Finished design for our Long Legged Bird earrings.
Little owl earrings
Our happy Little Owls.



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