Just a reminder, the 20% offer on our new Keum boo range ends tomorrow, Sunday at midnight.

Keum boo small razor shell earrings
Keum boo small razor shell earrings.

Thank you to everyone who contacted us about our new jewellery range. We are so pleased and encouraged by the reaction and positive feedback that we have received.

We were quite excited about developing this new range. It was a bit of a gamble to spend so much time, energy and investment on the project and then to launch it into the world hoping that other people like it as much as we do. Although it is very exciting, it is also quite an anxious time, so thank you for your lovely comments.

Here are a few more images from the range.

Large halved earrings.
Large halved earrings.
Keum boo little owls
Keum boo little owls.
Circle earrings no.1
Circle earrings no.1
Keum boo rectangular earrings
Keum boo rectangular earrings

Don’t forget that our 20% off, celebratory discount offer ends tomorrow, Sunday 7th August at midnight.


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