Hot off the press! John’s new one-off opal doublet necklace

Here’s a chance to have a sneak preview of John’s latest one-off work, before it goes onto our website.

It is a very exciting and vibrantly coloured opal doublet necklace. It must be the summer getting us into a colourful state of mind.

John's opal doublet one-off necklace
John’s opal doublet one-off necklace
Opal doublet one-off necklace with hand carved cocobolo wood.
Opal doublet one-off necklace with hand carved cocobolo wood.

The materials are, from left to right, black onyx, amber, sea bamboo, turquoise, hand carved cocobolo wood with hoop, opal doublet set in, amber, green sea bamboo, carnelian and lapis lazuli.

Opal doublet necklace
Opal doublet necklace

Although we love opals, they are very difficult to work with. It is very frustrating at times however, as they are quite a delicate stone to set. Sadly, we have a number of cracked set opals lying rejected around the workshop. It’s quite heart breaking when they get damaged, especially when we have found a special stone. We try to find unusual brightly coloured ones to use. As the bezel is painstakingly made to each fit each individual opal first, when the opal breaks, the bezel is then of no use either. We give a huge sigh of relief and a cheer when that part of making a necklace is over.

Unfortunately the images here don’t really do the opal justice. It is a beautiful rich deep blue colour with flecks of lighter, electric blue flashing when the light hits it at the right angle. Hopefully John will be able to photograph it in all of it’s glory when he takes pictures of it for our website.


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