British birthstone of the month. November = Topaz. Ten interesting facts about Topaz.

Topaz in it's rough form. Photo. sourced from
Topaz in its rough form. Photo. sourced from



1    The origin of the word Topaz comes from Topazos, which is a small island in the Red Sea. It is here where the Romans originally found this beautiful stone.

2    The word Topaz translates to the word fire in Sanskrit.

3    Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine and it is usually mined in rivers, streams and in gravel deposits.

4    This precious gem can be found in the United States, Russia, Australia, China, Nigeria and other countries but by far the biggest producer of topaz is Brazil.

5    Pure Topaz stones are colourless and transparent. The most common colours are Yellow and brown.

6    Topaz can be found in  blue, pale grey, orange, white, pale green, gold as well as rare red and pink colours. These stones can be opaque to translucent.

A selection of different coloured Topaz stones. Photo. sourced from
A selection of different coloured Topaz stones. Photo. sourced from

7    Topaz is a rare gem and because of this, it is an expensive one. The rarest colours, red and pink, command high prices. Light brown and pale yellow topaz are of less value, but are still stunning gems.

8    To the untrained eye, Citrine stones can be mistaken for Topaz. They can be very similar in colour but are structurally different. Topaz is a much harder stone and therefore more durable. Citrine stones are a lot more common and are of considerably less valuable than Topaz.


The El-Dorado Topaz. The world's larges faceted gemstone. Photo. sourced from
The El-Dorado Topaz. The world’s largest faceted gemstone. Photo. sourced from

9    The “El-Dorado Topaz” is the largest faceted gemstone in the world. It weighs 31,000 carats, which is equivalent to 6.2 kg or 13.66 pounds. The stone is emerald-cut, with good clarity and a yellowish-brown colour. It can be seen in the Programa Royal collection, which can be found in Madrid, Spain. This wonderful collection contains one of the most comprehensive and unique collections of gems and minerals ever assembled.

10    Blue Topaz is usually given to celebrate the 4th year of marriage. Natural blue Topaz is very rare but fortunately it is possible to heat-treat or irradiate the more common topaz to turn it blue. Most blue topaz stones used in making jewellery have been treated in this way.


An eighteenth birthday present commission with a London blue topaz stone. Birthstone for November.
An eighteenth birthday present commission. From our asymmetrical range. This small pendant has been punched with the number 18 and it has been set with a London blue topaz stone, the November birthstone.

Similar pendants can be found on our website and although we do not usually use topaz, we are always happy to source gemstones when they are requested for commissions.


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