Garnet = January’s birthstone of the month. John’s one-off sculptural Man stand with garnet earrings.

John's man stand sculpture with garnet earrings.
John’s man stand sculpture with garnet earrings.

This wonderful sculptural piece of work by John came about when he discovered the saw marks left in a wooden off cut when it was pushed too hard through the bandsaw.  He decided it looked vaguely like a body, so cast it in silver using the delft clay method of casting. He did the same for the arms and head. Next came the earrings, made from 18ct gold, garnets and cocobolo wood. John wanted the earrings to be long ones, firstly to show off the wood and his carving skills and also so that it balanced the look of the scultpture nicely. He thought that the concentrated, richly coloured garnets worked well with the gold. Finally he made an African blackwood base for the little chap to stand on. The finished piece sold through the Neville Pundole gallery in Canterbury. This gallery subsequently moved to Folkestone but now I believe he only sells online at

To see more of John’s one off sculpural work, see our website at


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