A new button pendant is being added to our button jewellery range.

Thank you Mr.X.  A customer of ours commissioned a button pendant/necklace to match the cufflinks that his partner bought for him, from our website, as a birthday present. It hadn’t occurred to us to make a matching pendant to our button cufflinks and button ear studs and thought that it was a good idea.

Our sterling silver button cufflinks.
Our sterling silver button ear studs.

We initially thought that a single button on a chain may be too simple and offered Mr.X a number of alternative ideas, including a necklace with the sterling silver button hung on a chain with various gemstones, similar to our star necklaces.

We thought that the button would have looked great with gemstones.

We also came up with the idea of a more elaborate necklace with some African blackwood hand carved beads at either side of the silver button

This necklace shows the hand carved wooden beads that we suggested would work well with the sterling silver button.

but Mr. X decided on the simple button on a chain. We think that it works well. Thank you Mr. X for reminding us that sometimes less is more!

Our button pendant.
Our new button pendant.

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