Our Asymmetrical Jewellery now on exhibition at Cut the Mustard Gallery in Langholm.

Small asymmetrical earrings
Our stud drop asymmetrical earrings. Sterling silver, brass with beautiful opal triplet stones.
A large pendant from our Asymmetrical range of jewellery.

Our Asymmetrical range of jewellery has a new home and can now be found exhibited at the ‘Cut the Mustard Gallery’ in Langholm.

Cut the Mustard Gallery. Photo from sarahmyattglass

The gallery is run by Lisa Rothwell-Young who is a jeweller and her husband Barry Young, a photographer. An extensive range of their artwork can be seen in the gallery.

Kalimera ring
This beautiful ‘Kalimera ring’ is made by Lisa. Photo taken from http://mustardgallery.co.uk/

You can take a look at Barry’s wonderful photographs on his website, here.

Hopefully the residents of Langholme and all those passing through, on the A7 from Carlisle to Edinburgh, will take a shine to our Asymmetrical jewellery range.


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