Our new “Woof woof dog earrings” and brooch have now been added to our website and are now stocked in most of the galleries that we exhibit with.

Our new “woof woof dog earrings” Sterling silver and 24ct.gold.

These cheeky little chaps are made using the ancient Korean technique of Keum boo and are made from sterling silver and 24ct.gold. The earrings measure 2cm x 2.5cm without the ear wires and the brooch measures approximately 2.5cm x 3cm.

I initially had the idea of a pair of good dog, bad dog earrings, one earring depicting a good dog and the other a naughty/bad one. Rosie, our spotty Jack Russell terrier, was a good starting point for both the good and the bad ūüôā

Rosie, our cheeky little jack russell terrier.
Initial quick sketches for the earrings

Sometimes, ideas come and within one or two sketches, the final image is complete. With the dog pieces, I drew over eighty sketches, playing with different ideas and tweaking the sketches little by little, until I was completely happy with the end result.

more sketches, each one slightly different.

After working through many ideas, I arrived at two designs that I was happy with.

My final dog sketch for the good dog earrings. The dog is nicely smelling the flower.


The final sketch for the bad dog earring.

My enthusiasm for the idea of the good and bad dog earrings, blinded me to the fact that I was trying to get a ridiculous amount of detail onto a small pair of earrings. For the images to be seen clearly, the earrings would have to be huge.  Back to the drawing board!

The designs were shelved for a while and when I returned to rework the idea, I realised that the faces of the dogs were the most important feature. Although it had moved on from the original idea, I worked on the heads of dogs and developed them further and they became finished images in their own right. I think that they work really well together and I now love making these earrings and brooches. I have a great affection for them, we have come a long way together!

Final head sketches for the earrings and brooch.

Our new Woof woof dog earrings and brooch can now be found on our website with lots of other creatures in our Menagerie range of jewellery.

Asymmetrical earrings – the must have fashion accessory for summer 2017!

Don’t just take our word for it, flick through any top fashion magazine, Elle, Glamour, Vogue, Cosmopolitan etc. and you can find a wonderful array of asymmetrical earrings featured. The catwalks around the world, are also brimming with models who are wearing fantastic asymmetrical earrings.

Our new Asymmetrical earrings.

The earrings above and below are a new addition to our asymmetrical range of jewellery. They are dramatic and very eye catching when worn. They feature a pair of spectacularly coloured, man-made opal triplets. These beautiful opal triplets have been specially made for us and they show a wonderful play of colour. We are so pleased with them.

A range of our Asymmetrical jewellery.
Asymmetrical ear studs.
Long, pink corundum Asymmertical earrings.
Asymmetrical garnet earrings.

Our Asymmetrical Jewellery now on exhibition at Cut the Mustard Gallery in Langholm.

Small asymmetrical earrings
Our stud drop asymmetrical earrings. Sterling silver, brass with beautiful opal triplet stones.
A large pendant from our Asymmetrical range of jewellery.

Our Asymmetrical range of jewellery has a new home and can now be found exhibited at the ‘Cut the Mustard Gallery’ in Langholm.

Cut the Mustard Gallery. Photo from sarahmyattglass

The gallery is run by Lisa Rothwell-Young who is a jeweller and her husband Barry Young, a photographer. An extensive range of their artwork can be seen in the gallery.

Kalimera ring
This beautiful ‘Kalimera ring’ is made by Lisa. Photo taken from http://mustardgallery.co.uk/

You can take a look at Barry’s wonderful photographs on his website,¬†here.

Hopefully the residents of Langholme and all those passing through, on the A7 from Carlisle to Edinburgh, will take a shine to our Asymmetrical jewellery range.

Happy Easter everyone

We have found some amazing Easter eggs this year. We couldn’t resist eating some already!

A beautiful display of mini eggs from Aldi, each colour is different kind of chocolate. Very yummy and half finished already.
Aldi mini Easter egg selection.
The rainbow colours remind us of our jewellery. Good enough to eat,

What can we say about the Easter eggs from Marks and Spencer except “WOW”

A lovely little Easter egg with gold embellishment from Marks and Spencer.

Perhaps they were inspired by us?

Our 24ct gold square earrings
This amazing Easter egg is a beautifully crafted work of art from Marks and Spencer. Who could bear to eat it?
One of our favourites, another astonishing work of art. A Marks and Spencer Easter egg.

Could they have been¬†inspired by the wonderful, late, Howard Hodgkin? One of Dawn’s favourite painters.

Howard Hodgkin Fruit. sourced from https://howard-hodgkin.com/artwork/fruit


A wonderful, golden lattice Easter egg by Marks and Spencer.

We hope that you have a choctastic Easter.

We love this print, “Daydreamer”…. by Helen D. Moore.

Daydreamer by Helen D. Moore
Daydreamer by Helen D. Moore

We love this print as it looks so much like Rosie,our Jack Russell Terrier,  she even has the same pink belly.

Rosie our Jack Russell Terrier
Rosie our Jack Russell Terrier
Rosie, flower power
Rosie, flower power.

When we met Helen at a craft fair that we were both exhibiting at, we were very pleased to find that she was a fan of our work and that she already owned some of¬†our jewellery. We fell in love with the “Daydreamer” print, along with a number of others that Helen was exhibiting. At the end of the show we were all very happy to exchange some work.¬†John and I¬†gained a couple of lovely prints and Helen took home some new earrings, a win, win situation.

You can find more of Helen’s wonderful prints at www.helendmoore.co.uk¬†

A few more of Helen’s prints.

A print by Helen D. Moore
Print by Helen D. Moore
Print by Helen D. Moore

A new button pendant is being added to our button jewellery range.

Thank you Mr.X. ¬†A customer of ours commissioned a button pendant/necklace to match the cufflinks that his partner bought for him, from our website, as a birthday present. It hadn’t occurred to us to make a matching pendant to our button cufflinks and button ear studs and thought that it was a¬†good idea.

Our sterling silver button cufflinks.
Our sterling silver button ear studs.

We initially thought that a single button on a chain may be too simple and offered Mr.X a number of alternative ideas, including a necklace with the sterling silver button hung on a chain with various gemstones, similar to our star necklaces.

We thought that the button would have looked great with gemstones.

We also came up with the idea of a more elaborate necklace with some African blackwood hand carved beads at either side of the silver button

This necklace shows the hand carved wooden beads that we suggested would work well with the sterling silver button.

but Mr. X decided on the simple button on a chain. We think that it works well. Thank you Mr. X for reminding us that sometimes less is more!

Our button pendant.
Our new button pendant.

Haberdashery = Colour inspiration, a real treat for the eyes!

Yorkshire and Lancashire have a rich history in producing fabrics and although many of the mills have now closed, there are still some producing some of the best fabrics in the world, suit fabrics in particular. If you are interested in the history of the cotton mills then Helmshore Mills Textile Museum in Helmshore, Lancashire and the Bradford Industrial Museum are great places to visit.

Ribbon at my local Haberdashers.
Ribbon at my local Haberdashers.

Because of this history, in Yorkshire and Lancashire, we still have some wonderful haberdashers and fabric mill Shops. I can quite happily spend many hours in these places, not only contemplating the endless possibilities of what to make from the abundant choice of fabrics but it is also a real treat for the eyes!


I love this mill shop and can happily get lost in this place for hours. It is like being a child in a sweet shop, I always buy more than I initially came in for.

Vibrant pom pom trim at janemeans.com
Vibrant pom pom trim at janemeans.com
Cotton reels. Photo. by Dawn Field.
Cotton reels. Photo. by Dawn Field.
Button display at my local Haberdashers.
Button display at my local Haberdashers.
Wonderful fabrics. Photo. sourced at notmartha.com
Wonderful fabrics. Photo. sourced at notmartha.com
More beautiful fabric. Photo. sourced at mouseinmypocket.com
More beautiful fabric. Photo. sourced at mouseinmypocket.com
Reels of colourful cotton. Image from owlsandsewingcat.com
Reels of colourful cotton. Image from owlsandsewingcat.com

We love to use colour in our jewellery, as you can see below.

We like to get lots of colour into our bangles, necklaces and earrings.
We like to get lots of colour into our bangles, necklaces and earrings.
A selection of necklaces.
A selection of necklaces.

All of the above jewellery can be found on our website.